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We are Created For Your Bub.

Being new parents, we found out that it was really hard to get quality sunglasses for babies & kids anywhere! There are limited choices in stores and it was hard to find stylish frames online either. As Karen & I are from an optical background (optometrist), we took it onto ourselves to create a collection of fun, vibrant eyewear for the little ones without compromising in quality.

TR frame material

TR is a type of plastic used to create super flexible eyewear frames. 
It is also very light and durable as well as environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional acetate. We have chosen this as the material of choice as it is the most comfortable option without being too harsh on the face for the little ones.


Made from BPA Free, TR materials, our sunglasses are safe to use for your babies.

Polarised & UV blocking lenses.

Polarising Lenses cut out glare and reduces squinting for your bub during sunny days. UV blocking is also an important benefit to prevent sun related damages on your kids eyes.
‘Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly’
Saint Francis de Sales

Benefits your kids will love

1 — Super Round & Fun Shape
It's the cutest sunglasses you can get for your child.
Designed with super round and cute design its bound to

2 — Polarised Anti-Glare Lenses
Prevent squinting under the bright sunlight.
Reduce the stress out of going out. Our polarised lenses will reduce glare
when your child is out and about enjoying the weather.

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Benefits your kids will love

3 — Category 3 UV Filter

BB Sunnies are equipped with Category 3 UV filter
to harmful UV rays from damaging your child's eyes.

4 — Trendy Reflective LensesSelected BB sunglasses have amazing front reflective tint added.
It will be the most trendy thing they'll own!

5 — BPA Free Sunglasses FrameAll parents know kids tend to put everything in their mouths!
Our BPA free plastic frame ensures no harmful toxic is ingested by your child.

Benefits your kids will love

6 — TR Flexy Materials

TR is a very durable flexible plastic material which is used in BB Sunnies. This makes sure they are durable even when dropped and thrown around.

7 — Rounded temple tips and frame edgesThis soft design is to ensure nothing is sharp in the hands of your child. The temple tips have hollow holes for which a strap can be attached for better fit if needed.