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The perfect sunshade for your babies eyes. Designed for maximum durability and protection for the outdoors.
Cutest Sunglasses Created For Bubs.

Being new parents, we found out that it was really hard to get quality sunglasses for babies & kids anywhere! There are limited choices in stores and it was hard to find stylish frames online either.

Yellow polarised sunglasses that looks cool for kids. Designed in Melbourne, Australia.
Creating Something Fun!

As Karen & I are from an optical background (optometrist), we took it onto ourselves to create a collection of fun, vibrant eyewear for the little ones without compromising in quality.

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Avocado Green Sunglasses for babies and kids between 0 - 12 years old.
The Frames

TR is the choice of plastic used to create super light & flexible BB Kids eyewear frames.

It is also durable as well as environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional acetate.
We have chosen this as the material of choice as it is the most comfortable option without being too harsh on the face for the little ones.
TR is BPA Free, our BB premium toddler sunglasses are safe to use for your babies.

Lilac purple bb baby sunglasses with purple reflective UV protective lenses.
The Lenses

Polarised & UV blocking lenses for BB Sunglasses
Polarising Lenses cut out glare and reduces squinting for your bub during sunny days.
UV blocking is also an important benefit to prevent sun related damages on your kids eyes.

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