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Introducing BB.

Trendy Baby
& Toddler Sunglasses ☀️

Polarised & Category 3 UV Filter Free Delivery on 2 Pairs Round Polarised Sunglasses for Toddlers and Children between 4 to 12 years old.
The perfect sunshade for your babies eyes. Designed for maximum durability and protection for the outdoors.

"BB Sunnies
Super Round & Cute Kids Sunglasses!"

💛 Ultra Light, Flexy & Strong For Kids
😎 Comfortable Vision with Anti-glare Lens
🔆 Polarised & UV Filtering Lenses
🌱 BPA Toxic Free Eco-Friendly Material
💛 Cutest Rounded & Trendy Frames

From the people

From the people

"Great quality for the price!"
— Susie L.